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Terms & Conditions

This page contains Forever .Yours Photography services’ (Clipping Area) Terms and Conditions.

1. Booking Deposit and Payment:

The shopper shall create a booking fee as per contract to retain the Studio to perform the services per the contract.

2. Cancellation:

If the shopper shall cancel this Agreement quite five (5) calendar days before the ikon shooting day, any booking fee paid to the lensman shall be refunded fully if the lensman is ready to re-book an equivalent date. If the lensman isn’t able to secure another shopper for the date, or if the cancellation happens but five (5) calendar days before the portrait date, the shopper forfeits the booking fee.

3. Photographic Materials and Copyright:

All photographic materials, like original negatives, photos, or slides, shall be the exclusive property of the lensman. The lensman shall own the copyright altogether pictures created and should use the work for samples, contests, exhibition, advertising, and self-promotion. Usage outside the bounds of this agreement would force the Client’s consent.

4. Shopper’s Usage:

The Client is getting prints for private use solely, and shall not sell the aforementioned prints or authorize any reproductions thence by parties apart from the lensman. If a shopper is getting a print for a replica, lensman authorizes shoppers to breed the print solely as set forth beneath Special Usage needs. In such an event, the shopper shall request that a copyright and credit notice for the lensman be placed adjacent to the photograph on publication however shall don’t have any liability if the publication refuses or omits to try to thus.

5. Social Media:

This clause applies to any or all social media, as well as Facebook and blogs. Once printed on-line it’s needed that citation of lensman is created. The shopper agrees that they’re going to beneath no circumstances alter any pictures that square measure placed publicly on the web. The shopper agrees to be answerable for any loved one or friend World Health Organization posts our pictures on-line and agrees that they cannot be cropped (with the exception of the forced cropping for Facebook’s Timeline), altered in color, or altered in any approach.

6. Failure to Perform:

If the lensman cannot perform this Agreement thanks to a fireplace or different casualty, strike, or different cause on the far side the management of the parties, or thanks to the Photographer’s sickness, then the lensman shall come back any funds antecedently paid to the shopper however shall don’t have any more liability with reference to the Agreement.
This limitation on liability shall additionally apply within the event that photographic materials square measure broken in the process, lost through camera malfunction, lost within the mail, or otherwise lost or broken while not fault on the part of the lensman. Within the event the lensman fails to perform for the other reason, the lensman shall not be responsible for any quantity in far more than the retail worth of the Client’s order.

7. High-resolution:

pictures deliverable in High-Resolution (or called High-Res) square measure within the longest edge. Forever Yours Photography keeps shopper files for up to two years once the photography session and isn’t responsible for any claims once this era. All shopper files are deleted and backups are purged once this era.

8. Liability:

It’s the client’s responsibility to require care of the youngsters; Forever Yours Photography won’t settle for any responsibility thanks to any accident to children or injury to public or non-public properties throughout the ikon shooting or consultation session.

9. It’s understood that no different lensman, amateur or skilled, shall be allowed to photograph at the venue (wedding, portrait, family photography, etc.) whereas Forever Yours Photography is functioning which any breach of this agreement can represent a reason for non-completion of the work with no liability to the lensman and loss of initial deposit by the shopper.

10. The shopper accepts that every one picture are taken and altered at the photographer’s discretion supported the photographer’s expertise and inventive read. If the shopper has special requests shall produce a “shot list” of all shots that they need.
All deliverable pictures as per contract can have customary image written material (including light-weight skin retouch, light, and color adjustments). Any additional edits requested by the shopper can price the shopper the demand additional $ per image if accepted by the lensman. Additional image changes embody (change the scale of the body or elements of the body, replace elements of the body from another image, modification the color of elements of the body, additional skin retouch, replace or swap background).

Please note: What type of images we avoid-
It is against our company policy to do images for nude or pornographic in nature.