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                                                                  Color Correction Service

Color is one of the most important way of expressing ones choices and priorities regarding any topic, it can be explains as a method or process that is used in photos and as well as videos footage to alter the color to match the requirements of the currents situation as colors has the ability to express the specific point in both videos and photos,It’s all  about balancing out the  colors according to the ones demands, products, services, making the whites actually appear white, and the blacks actually appear black, reds appear proper red  and that everything in between perfect and polished.

The main aim of the color correction service is to make sure how it appeals to the human eye, how we, as viewers or customers accept it and utilize it ,we all know that we cannot achieve the perfect environment in photos and videos as we cannot create a certain background nor atmosphere, thus color correcting services are the only option left for us to create that required enigma.

Lots of websites and even in many Hollywood movies color correction is a definite option ,shot-by-shot and scene-by-scene, color decisions happen digitally before the viewers even sees the movies, from titanic to captain America ,all these movies has opted for color correction services in the best possible way.

There are many stages of doing proper color corrections. For instance


It is the first stage where the colors are taken in  to consideration like which portions should be intensified ,which colors should be highlighted, that it creates a clear image in the eyes of the people who will see it, thus we can understand it is usually altering the intensity of the picture.


It is usually based on the same idea behind Chroma keying, where the saturation, shadows, brightness, luminescence and manner of only the magenta, blues, red, green sand yellow are altered; and other colors in the range are normally kept unaffected or we could say they are not altered.


It could be explained as color correction but with improved improvisation, that is used for changing images for artistic and positive purposes. It basically is done when everything is almost sorted out in videos and websites, and color grading is used to bring out the picture perfect quality, that is by enhancing the colors and images a little more further to create a new visual tone. Color grading includes developing the image from RAW recordings, setting the initial black and white gamma points, fixing balance and exposure problems, and many more


At this segment geometric shapes like mattes or masks are used to separate color adjustments to specific areas in an image. This means we can create shadows or highlight, and even cooler a certain portion or everything else except for the image that is selected.


So many soft wares and technological tools are available to provide the best possible color correction services; it not just only makes the image look good it also narrates the proper message to its viewers.


Our team of experts improve and enhance your images with our professional color correction/management skills. With our overall color enhancement feature, you can get a clean and bright finish for all of your photographs.

Our team can also assist you in improving specific elements in an image apart from adjusting the color and brightness of the image. In addition, they can work on cast removal, color replacement or management as required. With our professional color management service, we have the expertise to get your images ready for professional reproduction in print magazines or newspapers. color correction services can restore your treasured photos to its full value. Our photo correction services can impress your customers with picture perfect images that we will provide you for your organization.

Photo Color Correction Services offered

  • Adjusting the sharpness of images
  • Adjusting the brightness/contrast
  • Contrast/density correction
  • Cropping and re-sizing images
  • Converting black and white photos to color and vice versa
  • Adding gloss/matte finishes
  • Adjusting color balance hues
  • Removing red eyes
  • Adding motion effect
  • Adjusting color tones
  • Adding a person/object
  • Adding backgrounds
  • Removing unnecessary objects in the background
  • Adjusting the white balance
  • Adding highlights and shadows
  • Removing dots and blemishes
  • Removing tattoos, pimples, wrinkles or scars
  • Improving skin textures and brightening smiles
  • Eye color change services
  • Digital slimming
  • Adding a sun-tan effect

Color correction is the process of adjusting raw image data so the resulting picture looks realistic. It’s not a process of making a scientifically accurate picture—our visual system is too non-linear, and too mutable.

So if you need Color Correction Service, we request you don’t be hesitate to try a free trial or you can contact with us. We can assure you that we are ready to serve our best effort for you with your all requirement.

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