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Neck Joint or Ghost Mannequin:

neck joint image

As per recent study, it has been found online, customers spend even less than a minute to decide before buying a product. So, you definitely need an X-factor to make your product stand out than the rest. To achieve this, a neck joint or a ghost mannequin is a way which will bear fruit. A ghost mannequin is a huge factor for photographers, Fashion magazine owners.


We have ourselves visited many clothes’ websites and have noticed it. We always thought how these photographs were clicked. Initially, a mannequin is dressed with the intended dress or cloth. Then the photograph is taken which is later edited to remove the mannequin and hence the name. As a result, it seems as it is floating in the air. Images are taken of both inside and outside and then the mannequin is removed and the processing of a new image takes place.


Neck joint / Ghost mannequin is a great return on investment. This is definitely a massive renovation idea if you want a betterment of your clothing website and attract more customers. Survey depicts that a well organized and well-designed store attracts more customers. A onetime investment on neck joint / ghost mannequin services will definitely provide you with ample amounts of returns to a wider range of audience or customers.


A designer who has the right amount of experience of the job is very crucial to be hired because not all neck joint and clipping services are same. We can assure you to abide by your necessity and provide you with the best service from our end, as we have the best graphic designers who are as well experienced.