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Web Image Optimization

In the simplest terms, web image optimization can be defined as making the size of your images smaller so that they can finish loading quickly on web pages. Normally, reducing the size of a picture, however, negatively affects the quality of the photograph. A web image optimization expert will be able to help you reduce image size, while making sure that the quality of the image is maintained, or not significantly affected.With image web optimization therefore, you will be able to have quality pictures on your web pages that are not heavy, so that they are able to load quickly, while the quality of the image is also maintained, so that poor image quality does not irritate visitors to your website.

Who will need web image optimization?

Anybody who has a website where images are regularly updated will need web image optimization. This could be personal images, images of team members, images of products they want to sell and any other image that they are adding for aesthetic and/or other specific purposes like passing a message.

What will you benefit from web image optimization?

A lot of people who use the Internet are impatient and desire to quickly see what they are looking for or they will quickly go to your competitors. Studies have shown that most people spend less than 10 seconds waiting for a web page to load, and if it hasn’t within that timeframe, they will close the web page. About 90 percent of web users will also never go back to a web page they have had a slow loading problem with. A major culprit for slow loading websites are images, since text are often very light. Web image optimization will make your images light as well, so that your web pages can load quickly, thereby reducing your bounce rate and making your website friendly to people who have slow networks.