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 Image Masking

We offer photoshop image masking services to our clients as well. With image masking, we help with making your picture look better. Photoshop image masking is the act of working on some particular parts of a picture, without working on any other part of the picture. The implication is that parts of your picture you are not okay with can be edited, while the part you are okay with is left untouched. For example, if you have a picture that consists of different colors, you might want every part of the picture that has a yellow color to have a color change to red, while every other part remains the same color. We carry out professional photoshop image masking services.

To carry out image masking, we will have to select just only the parts of the picture that we want to work on, and then improve on that areas. During this process, we will have to ensure that no part that should not be edited is selected. This is to avoid mistakenly editing areas that you want to retain just the way they were.

There are several ways you can benefit from image masking. Imagine you had to take a picture and after taking the picture, you noticed an irregularity. Perhaps an obvious stain on your shirt or your tie was not properly positioned. We will be able to help you work on the part that has the stain or the area where the tie is misaligned, without touching the remaining part of the picture. Photoshop image masking will thus, help you remove irregularities on your picture so that you can now be happy with your picture. You will find this most useful if it was a treasured picture that you might never have the opportunity retaking or that would cost you a lot to go back to the venue to retake. With our image editing services, you will have your image corrected at a very cheap price.