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Image Manipulation

The manipulation of images has been around for almost a century as images were manipulated for various reasons, majorly passing a message or enhancing an image. There are mainly two categories of image manipulation. They consist of the creative manipulation and technical manipulation.

Creative manipulation

Creative manipulation is a form of art where images are enhanced so that they are more interesting and have the ability to attract more people. In some cases, several pictures are put together to create one image, which could have a 3-dimentional graphic design. Illustrator and Photoshop have further made creative image manipulation easier, as experts can help with manipulating pictures in a creative way that could be used for commercial advertising for companies or for personal uses.

Technical manipulation

Technical manipulation on the other hand is a type of image adjustment, with the aim of enhancing or restoring the image. A very common scenario where technical image manipulation is used is in modeling. Virtually every model has being digitally altered by correcting perceived flaws in a picture, retouching the picture or airbrushing it digitally. For every perfect image of a model you come across, there is a huge chance that the image has been technically manipulated. The more the skin the model is showing, the more manipulations will most likely be carried out as fully dressed models could have only their face manipulated, while models in lingerie will need manipulation from their head to toe, so that every spots and blemishes are removed from their skins. Individuals who have taken picture and want a flawless perfect look could also get an image manipulation expert to help them to manipulate their image to become flawless. Most images that are used in colored high quality magazines also pass through technical manipulation, to ensure that they do not affect the quality of the magazine.