How To Become a Successful Photographer:

Photography is an art to capture the perfect moments and a successful photographer is he, who can bring out liveliness through a photograph, but to be a successful photographer one needs training and patience. Anybody can be a photographer but to become a successful photographer one needs to be prepared mentally and have a positive attitude along with an eye for photography.


Initially, we have no idea about how to click photos and we just start experimenting and find us amazed to discover every photograph to be better than the last one. The feeling is wonderful but as soon as you become a successful photographer, and know your abilities and aspire to become better, you generally start becoming dissatisfied with your work, but that’s ok, because no successful artist is satisfied with their work and always confess that they could have done better. Just like any other art, photography is tough when you know what to do and very easy when you don’t. The path to become a successful photographer is not easy, it’s an excruciating journey of self discovery and discovering your potentials. There are a few guidelines to become a successful photographer and we will discuss them in the following points.


Have Patience

Before becoming a photographer , we must always remember that just like any other work, nothing is easy. It requires time. Nobody can excel at his or her first attempt. We all have a role model in the field that we try to excel and there is a reason for that. It is because they are far better than us in what they are doing. So, in case of photography too, we must remember that they have reached the zenith after days of hard work and we cannot reach the level of our role models overnight.


It’s quite obvious to make mistakes and to fail at attempts for quite a number of time. But we must not lose hope and make the failure as our steps to success. The worst thing for a photographer is to think that he can become successful overnight. This acts as a barrier from becoming a successful photographer.


Always Be Prepared

A photographer can transform into a successful photographer when he captures the unexpected. To capture the unexpected, one must always be prepared. Planning is always required before taking a good photograph, but planning don’t always work. Sometimes you have to let go if the plan and act spontaneously. It’s good to plan but it’s not good to stick to the plan even after we realise that it’s not going to work. For example, we can notice a beautiful scene of a bird feeding its offspring. We won’t have time to plan but to use the moment to click the picture.



To become a successful photographer, acceptance is quite a necessary quality. Not all will appreciate your photography because not everyone will have your taste or your perspective to look at it. We cannot expect that all clients who hire us will be satisfied. It is a matter of perspective. If we expect that everyone will be satisfied with our photography will only destroy our self confidence as a photographer.


Learn From Criticism

A very bad thing for an aspiring photographer is to take criticism at a negative sense. It’s true that not all have the same taste as our but when people criticize, we get to know how people are perceiving our photographs. There is a kick of truth in every criticism and the best way is to learn from the criticism and better our workflow or techniques. Our friends or family members would always give positive comments as they don’t want to dishearten us. But its different in case of client. They are paying us and would not tolerate work which does not satisfy them. Getting feedback from outside your near ones will help you to understand your improvements and where you can work better.



Just like we have discussed before, one does not master in any field overnight, one needs to experiment. Our brain stores vital information only after we have failed in the first places. Its like reflex action while playing a guitar. At first you don’t know about the chords but gradually you start playing spontaneously. Similarly, we can experiment with different poses or clicking some abstract scenes. Its not necessary to add them but it builds our knowledge. Like the saying goes, “Take risks. If you win, you will be happy, if you lose, you will be wise.”


Review Your Work

The best way to review your work is to keep a track of the bad shots you have taken and to think why the shot was bad. If we can learn ourselves where we went wrong, that’s the best. Keeping your photographes also helps as we find our flaws and compare them with our latest ones to see if we have improved and if the flaws we made earlier are still present. This is a valuable tool to grow as a photographer.


Thus we see that the rules of becoming a successful photographer if condensed are almost dependent on each other. Along with these, we need to have a knowledge of technical properties of a camera and also how to mail photos to a client.