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Ghost Mannequin Photography

Ghost Mannequin Photography : Step-by-Step Editing Mastering Guide for Ghost Mannequin Effect

What is Ghost Mannequin Photography?

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The ghost mannequin effect allows you to take multiple photographs of a product on a model or mannequin, and then combine the photos to remove the model or mannequin in post-production processing. The result is a lifelike image that keeps the focus firmly on your product.


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The most ideal route for internet business product shoot is Ghost Mannequin Photography. Ghost mannequin for photography gives the human shape outlook of your clothing with the inward and nitty-gritty view of your product. Be that as it may, the most shuffling part is here the mannequin is invisible. That brings a genuine gander at your product.

This kind of 3D view consistently pulls in the customers and they can without much of a stretch picture the outlook. That makes the customers hungry to purchase your clothing.

From the start, by observing the normal outlook of the ghost mannequin effect you may get apprehensive. It looks hard, particularly for the amateur. Be that as it may, it is achievable in the event that you follow each progression appropriately.

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How to Create the Ghost Mannequin Effect :


Follow my technique of Invisible Ghost Mannequin Photography. You can learn after production picture altering and how to make the ideal ghost mannequin effect photography. I spread all the means and simple stunts to comprehend invisible mannequin photography.


 1. Choosing and Representing a Model or Mannequin :

One of the most widely recognized procedures in style photography is to utilize models or mannequins to grandstand the one of a kind shape and attack of every product.

In any case, it isn’t generally effective to really show the model or mannequin in each image. Retailers some of the time pick to photo their products being modeled and expel the models and cause the mannequins to appear to be invisible later in Photoshop.

For littler retailers who do most of their image altering themselves, expelling models and mannequins can be a troublesome procedure to ace.

So as to make the “ghost mannequin” deception (otherwise called “invisible mannequin“), you should initially photo your product being worn by a model or a mannequin from different edges. The in addition to side to this is you will have the option to utilize these images in your product displays close by any “ghost” images that you make.

On the off chance that you choose to utilize a genuine model, make a point to utilize a static posture, as appeared previously.

Furthermore, your model ought to be styled insignificantly, and long hair ought to be tied up with the goal that it doesn’t deter viewing of the product. These subtleties will make image altering a lot simpler.

There is a wide assortment of mannequins you can pick.

The best mannequins are similar and static, as appeared previously.

Contingent upon your requirements, you may decide to buy a mannequin with or without arms, hands, legs, or neck area. In the event that your mannequin has arms and hands, at that point ensure that the appendages can be situated out of the edge.

(A trick) White matte mannequins will in general be non-intelligent and can be made to mix into white foundations, which will make altering the mannequin out of the image a lot simpler errand.

Ensure that your product accommodates your mannequin or model by utilizing the correct size or styling the piece of clothing to fit accurately. Additionally, if your product has sleeves, make a point to situate the sleeves descending with the goal that the viewer can’t see down them.

2. For additional clarifications about how to make the ghost mannequin effect yourself and coordinate :

A photograph modifying administration to scale.

In case you’re in the apparel business, you’ve confronted the test of exhibiting a product’s fit without using up every last cent or diverting your customer. Customers need to see the state of a product, and level or collapsed shows don’t give a vital degree of detail. Your product photography must show the products being worn, however, models are costly and mannequins can be estranging.

The “ghost mannequin” effect, otherwise called the “invisible mannequin,” “3D mannequin,” or “empty man,” is a simple and amazing after production procedure for apparel product photography that takes care of the showcase issue.

The ghost mannequin effect permits you to take various photos of a product on a model or mannequin, and afterward consolidate the photographs to expel the model or mannequin in after production handling. The outcome is a similar image that maintains the emphasis solidly on your product.

Everything necessary is an arrangement and Photoshop directions. We’ll show you how.

The standards are simple, however, the execution can be tedious and expects the practice to perform proficiently. We’ll cover the whole procedure in this blog entry, from studio arrangement to completed product image, and by the end, you will have a total comprehension of the invisible mannequin strategy.

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3. Photography resources and models :

At its most crucial level, an invisible mannequin image is a mix of at least two images—otherwise called a “composite image.” The main photograph is on-body. The second and any extra photographs are level views of any piece of the inside of the article of clothing that was obstructed by your model or mannequin, frequently shot on a white froth board.

Most invisible mannequin images are produced using just two different images, however in some cases it’s important to utilize more.

Everything relies upon the shape and cut of your product, and how much detail is secured by the model or mannequin in the on-body shot.

For certain products, as with wristbands and watches, a mannequin isn’t included, yet you despite everything need to join images to dispose of props and oversee troublesome lighting.

That sort of compositing isn’t generally a utilization of the ghost mannequin strategy, however the procedure is amazingly comparable.

The most ideal route for us to clarify how the effect is made is to show you, so investigate some progressively invisible mannequin product images and the photographs that went into their creation. Give additional consideration to the froth board shots and how the internal territories of the product are opened for the camera.

In the event that you need to see significantly more product models, download our PDF adaptation of this guide with a few pages covering different classes.

At this point, you ought to have a truly decent handle of the invisible mannequin idea and its standard photography prerequisites. Continue perusing to get familiar with the perfect method to set up your studio and catch the fundamental images.

 4.Tips and Ideas of Equipment Setup for Ghost Mannequin :

So as to execute the ghost mannequin5. technique, you need to have the option to create excellent photos in a studio setting.

The lower the nature of your photos, the less intrigue the ghost mannequin effect will have the option to add to those images. Camera and lighting techniques, hardware, and situation all become possibly the most important factor here, contingent upon every specific product that you’re shooting.

5. Start Photo shooting the product :

After setting the studio to make 3d effect with the ghost mannequin process first you need to capture a front & back view of your clothing that is worn by the mannequin. Secondly, you need a white cardboard to place your garments on it.

Now capture the front & back view again. The advantage of these shoots allows you to capture the inner view of your clothing.

Utilizing a fax long range focal point to catch your images can assist with limiting contortion and furnish you with the adaptability to draw nearer to littler items and move farther away from bigger articles.

Ensure that your studio shooting space is sufficiently enormous to oblige your camera and tripod for invisible mannequin shoots: two studio lights and umbrellas dispersed equally separated on either side of the product, and backdrop.

To make 3D image with the ghost mannequin technique:

To start with, catch a front and back view of your product being worn by your mannequin or model.

From that point forward, style and drape your product on a bit of white froth board and photo both the front and back views once more; these froth board shots will permit you to incorporate the inward territories of the article of clothing once you consolidate the images together, as shown below.

For caught shirts and comparative products, ensure the top is open and the internal back is unmistakably noticeable. You may even need to turn it back to front in certain cases.

A Step-by-Step Guide To Post-Processing Images:


Once you take the important approach, creating a standard ghost effect is very basic – given that you have the best prospects after production programming (Adobe Photoshop for example) and your products have been effectively captured. Within hours you can have your spooky putty pictures ready to sell.

To outsource this task can save your company a lot of time and dissatisfaction in the long run but spend unnecessary people expecting you to change yourself, follow these seven easy straightforward steps to create your own ghost standard effect through Photoshop.

 1. Open your documents in Photoshop and create layers

 To get started, you need to open the image of panic and foam board in Photoshop. Select your old image and make another background layer.

Fill that layer with white; this will serve as your general foundation when your work is done. This is extra useful for naming your layers so that you can express them separately and arrange.

2. Taking a Selection Tool to Choose the Product in the Mannequin Image

Presently it’s an ideal opportunity to choose the product in your mannequin image. Zoom in close and pick your preferred determination apparatus: fast choice, tether, or enchantment wand.

Every one of the three can assist you with accomplishing your ideal choice.

Remember that, much of the time, utilizing a white background when shooting permits you to evacuate the mannequin effectively in view of the shading partition between the product and the foundation.

3. Refine and spot your cover

When you choose the whole product, refine your cover with the goal that it is very close to the overall, the background, and completely excluded.

It can be cultivated using the “Edge Refine” tool in the “Select” menu.

Snap “OK” in the “Refine Edge” discourse box and place a cover on the layer of your shirt.

Now, your product should be openly skimming on the white background you created before all your products.

This event is important to refine the veil more marginally as well as refine the edges of the product to give it a more decent, clean look.

4. Repeat this process with the image of the foam board past the strides

Currently, this is an ideal opportunity to shift gears and restore stages 1, 2, and 3 on your foam board product image.

While this type of product image may seem a bit unique from the start, there is one thing to work with; Capturing the product on the front will allow you to display the product in the back, eliminating product deception.

We guarantee it will look incredible until the end!

Create another layer, select the product, and create and refine your veil.

5. Consolidate the Images

At this point when the two pictures have a tight, clear cover, pull the veil over your Ghost Manic product image from your foam board image.

Arrange the layers with this goal as the image on the foam board is less than the old image.

At this point, change the position of the foam board layer and change its extension with the goal that it fits perfectly behind the level, just below the shoulder of its consistent bend.

6. Remove excess parts of the foam board layer

 At this point, it’s a good idea to cover your dense layer and brush the intact parts of the foam board layer.

You should have only that neckline triangle on your shoulder. In the video below, notice how the back string appears

It’s important to remember to remove that piece in the foam board figure because it’s already in the mannequin shot.

When this is done, double-check your layers to clean and double align – especially in the neck and shoulder area.

7. Add shadows and save

Lastly, include a shade between the two layers to make the product a bit prouder and save a duplicate layer of the Photoshop document as a sanity test for free.

When you have saved the layered document, straighten or combine the whole of the layers together and save the image again as an alternative record. This last step will make your image look proficient and sensible.

With the off-chance to make the transformation work nicely, you’ll continue with a stunning 3D effect like the one below that will improve your product photography and help expand the business for your online store.

Need to see every one of the seven stages in real life?

As it should be clear, if you follow the methods, you can make your own proficient clothing product images having the ghost mannequin impact.

To see models with a wide range of various clothing, you can download this total manual for ghost mannequin product photography.

If you want to read our Ghost Mannequin Editing Book, please visit our contact us page. We will provide you a Free Ghost Mannequin Photography & Editing Guide Tutorials.

Keep in mind that this effect on your product images will not only make your products more progressive and attractive, but it will also bring your online store presence to a deeper skill level. You will raise your image in the eyes of the clients and it will make a deal.

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Conclusion :

Hey Reader,  Hope that you were satisfied with our Information. If you are not happy with it then it is shame for us. Please Stay with us for more updates on ghost mannequin photography editing. If this article is valuable for you then please share it with your social platforms. This will motivated us for more writing.


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