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Color Correction

Pixels are what images are made of. Thousands of little dots when assembled together, contribute to make the big picture. These tiny dots known as pixels, hold color in each of them. Each and every pixel represent a color. Thus, each image that we view is an accumulation of colors, arranged in a specific pattern that ultimately forms the image. To change the effect the image creates in the viewer’s head, correcting the color is a major step.


Improving the images after they have been taken is called post production. It is a widely used term in video industry and it helps in improving the images than their production quality.


To talk about color path, it is a technique, used to choose portions of the desired image which is based on colors. When the desired selection has similar colors, color path is the ideal method to use. A blue couch in a grey background for example, can be easily extracted out. At the same time we also change the color of the product you want to. Our team’s experts are well equipped to manage image selections. Among the mentioned selections, the one technique they chose is color path to deploy.


A more sophisticated version of color path is Multi Color Path. We can use this technique to make selection on the image in spite of having more than a single color tone. It is a useful technique though images are going to be of varied colors.