FAQs 2017-10-15T17:02:31+00:00
where is clippingarea located? 2017-10-15T16:34:12+00:00

Clippingarea is an Image editing service provider with offices situated in two countries Bangladesh and United Kingdom.

Clippingarea how authentic or who do you work with? 2017-10-15T16:34:04+00:00

Clippingarea is legally authorized and holds the legal business licenses. Clippingarea work for worlds top fashion, retail, footwear, furniture, eyewear and active wear companies. Especially for retailers (large), e-commercials, studios, photographers and advertising agencies.

What image editing software do you use to editing? 2017-10-15T16:33:53+00:00

For image editing in our production studio use latest Adobe image editing software to edit images. And we always provide 100% handmade clipping path and related services.

Can Clippingarea provide Amazon or ebay quality images? 2017-10-15T16:33:34+00:00

Yes we can. Because we have some clients they sale there products in Amazon and ebay and they are working with us for a year.

How do I transfer big volume of data? 2017-10-15T16:33:42+00:00

For big volume of data transfer we offer you a personal ftp account. On the other hand if you wish then you can use third party data transfer method like Wetransfer, Dropbox, Yoursendit or others.

Which payment method do you accept or support? 2017-10-15T16:33:07+00:00

PayPal is our first choice but you can also send us payment via credit cards, wire PIN transfer (up to 4500$). Also we accept direct bank transfer for our regular and well known clients.

What is your pay period? 2017-10-15T16:31:07+00:00

Our usual pay period is every after end of the project (for small project) but for regular clients our pay period may be weekly or monthly. We fix it after discussion with our clients but our pay period not exceeds a month.

Do you have any joint venture or dedicated team policy? 2017-10-15T16:16:13+00:00

Yes, we are cordially appreciating you for joint venture or if your project needs any dedicated team. We always take extra care for those types of clients.

Do you have any production policy on Weekend or International holidays? 2017-10-15T16:15:14+00:00

Yes, if you need our production also on Weekend or International holidays then we are always able to provide but some condition applied.

What is your working time? 2017-10-15T16:14:32+00:00

Basically our support team is always open for you but in generally Sunday is our off day.

How do you keep my images safe or do you use anywhere to my images? 2017-10-15T16:13:49+00:00

Clippingarea keeps all the images safely as we know images are valuable to our clients. We do sometimes use for our website as our portfolio only but that’s only after taking permission from respective client. However we are licensed and authorized company.

Is your ftp account secure? 2017-10-15T16:11:45+00:00

Yes, we generally use one account for only one client only. For this reason our client’s images remains safe.

How do you provide cheap or world’s best competitive rate? 2017-10-15T16:10:55+00:00

As a proud South Asian company we are both professional plus affordable for customers all over the world. Our production house is situated in low labor cost region. For this reason we are able to provide such services in such lower and competitive price.

What is your free trial policy? 2017-10-15T17:00:05+00:00

We are appreciating you to assess our quality foremost. Clippingarea provides up-to 3 free trials each of services we provide for checking our work quality.

How do I send the free trial image? 2017-10-15T16:59:55+00:00

You can send your free trial image to Click Here up to file size 50MB. If your file size is more than that then upload here.

When I can get an ftp account? 2017-10-15T16:59:47+00:00

If your image quantity or files size is big or you need a secure and quick transfer then Clippingarea provide an ftp account whenever you ask them.

Is your ftp unlimited? 2017-10-15T16:56:02+00:00

Yes, we provide unlimited space ftp account but we always appreciate you to inform us about your file size and how much space you need.

Do you accept all kinds of file format? 2017-10-15T16:55:28+00:00

Yes, we accept almost all kind of images file format but we always appreciate .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .tif, .zip, .rar. .psd. We also accept camera raw format but for that we charge some extra. Please always avoid .exe format.

What is your turn around time? 2017-10-15T16:55:18+00:00

Basically our turnaround time 24hrs minimum but we have some express work policies like 3 hours, 6hrs, 12hrs and 18hrs delivery with added some extra charge. For our regular and big project clients we provide express work without any extra penny.

Do you services best quality images? 2017-10-15T16:55:05+00:00

We know that how important it is to set up perfect pictures, using the best graphics designer who prioritizes their quality of work, that too using the best software or photo shop tools, so one should always consider what’s more appealing to the eye, a clean clear picture is what a client prefers.

Cost effective? 2017-10-15T16:54:50+00:00

Of course one should not consider services or organizations that charge higher rates for their photo cut out services, one should compare the market prices and then decide what’s the best rate for them.

Do you have any redo or refund policies? 2017-10-15T16:07:22+00:00

If you will not satisfied with our works then we do redo your work but actually we do labor based work that’s why if we finally do not provide your work as per your satisfaction then we do refund you 40% of your total payment. But no worry our refund rate is only 2%.

So, if you need any kind of Image editing Service, we request you don’t be hesitate to try a free trial or you cancontact with us. We can assure you that we are ready to serve our best effort for you with your all requirement